"More Space, Better Protection ..."
Due to saving space by delicately compressing your items such as beds, pillows, sweaters and jackets, vacuum storage bags have become the main solution to the problem of space that people from all over the world experience while placing and organizing their items.
"Saves 75% on space"
Vacuuming your furnitures saves you at least 3-5 times more space and protects your valuable items against dirt, insects, bad smell, color fades and corrasion without having to worry about water, moisture or mold.
If you can't enlarge your wardrobes, drawers or rooms, then minimize your furnitures!
So easy that the whole process ends in 15 seconds. You need nothing but a vacuum bag and a vacuum cleaner that you use at home. You can keep it wherever you want such as inside or top of your wardrobes, under your beds, between the wall and the wardrobe and even on your balconies. Now you will be able to put 10 clothes into the place you used to put 3-4 clothes and your house will now look even more spacious.

  1. 1. Patented custom design, double-stage, unidirectional, patented Easy Valve
    2. No air leakage, no additional cover required, unbreakable.
    3. The suction process is constantly fixed.
    4. Opens automatically, closes when the white part is touched with finger.
    5. The high-quality rubber ring prevents air leakage backwards.
    6. Vacuuming with one touch.
    7. Extra strong, long-life, durable, environment friendly, MULTI LAYER FILM material (LLDPE, PE, Special Film Layer, Nylon)
    8. It can be used repeatedly as long as the operating instructions are followed.
    9. No disruption even under high pressure.
    10. It won't be damaged even by keeping in water, falling from height, driving the car over it.
    11. Your compressed clothes will always remain clean and won't wrinkle when placed properly.
    12. Once you open the bag, your compressed clothes come back to their original softness and keep their form.
    13. The vacuuming can be done with any standard vacuum cleaner.
    14. Vacuuming can be done in 15 seconds.
    15. The patented DOUBLE ZIP CLICK FIT system guarantees water or moisture blockage and no air leakage for perfect protection.
    16. The bags are closed by EASY CLIP which makes it easier to close the double zip system.
    17. It is very useful and in various dimensions in order to meet your needs.
    18. Bags can be wiped and washed.
    19. Keep your compressed items wherever you want such as inside or top of your wardrobes, between your wall and wardrobes or your garage.



  Vacuum Saddlebag 50 x 90 cm  
  Vacuum Saddlebag 60 x 90 cm  
  Vacuum Saddlebag 80 x 90 cm  
  Vacuum Saddlebag 110 x 90 cm  
  Vacuum Saddlebag 120 x 90 cm  
  Vacuum Saddlebag 130 x 90 cm  
  Strappy Cloth Bag 65 x 102 cm