KITPAK is a flexible packaging system internationally known as "Bag-in-Box". KITPAK provides great savings in transportation and stocking process.
It is used for packaging of various products such as mik, liquid egg, fruit juice concentrates, tomato paste, ketchup and sauces, wine, water and liquid oils.
As a result of its aseptic nature, structure and lack of air during discharge, products keep their freshness as long as they are used in the bags. Thus, it is a reliable packaging system for the comsumers.

" 1 to 240 liters wide range "

In volumes ranging from 1 to 240 liters, KITPAK (Bag-in-Box) consists of various barrier materials according to the purpose of use. They are produced both metallic and transparent, individually or in continous forms. 1 to 20 liter bags can be put in boxes as they can also be carried with plastic cases and containers. 220 to 240 liter bags can only be carried and stocked with metal and paper tubs and special containers.